Keeping Organized!

My one main survival tip for anyone in college, is to always stay organized. Whether it is clothes, homework, notebooks, your belongings, etc., make sure you have a specific “home” for everything. I promise you, this will alleviate so much extra stress from your life. At home, my bedroom is a mess so I was sure that when I got to college my room would be the same way. For about 2 days I could deal with the mess but then I started losing my mind so I knew I had to fix this. The first thing I did, was I went to Wal Mart and got bins, and extra stand-up drawers to put stuff in. After a few hours of organizing, and the occasional yelling, I was finally organized and off to a good start. My room still was not how I had hoped it would be, although it was definitely 10 times better, I looked up small tips and tricks to get organized. I found this article that had some really good ideas I used!

My dorm was now looking much better and I felt much more calm and happy. I did not realize that being organized would have such a great effect on my personal life but it did!

I immediately felt:

I suggest everyone get organized because I promise, it is worth taking the time to do because it has so many positive effects everyone deserves to feel!




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