Freshman Orientation

I knew there was such thing as “Freshman Orientation,” but I always thought they were just during the day. Plymouth is the only school that had the students stay overnight for it. I got the emails, and papers in the mail for it during the summer and this only made me more nervous for it. I did not like the whole idea of having to stay overnight in a dorm with a random person, not knowing a single person.

The date of orientation came quick, and I packed my overnight bag and made my parents drive me. I was with them most of the day, thankfully. I got assigned my room for the night and found my way there to put my things down. There was already a girl in there that had just gotten there seconds before me. She was really nice. Although, she did give me a dirty look when my parents walked in the room with me. My parents stepped out and gave us some time to get to know each other. She was really cool and we actually had a lot of things in common!

We had a whole agenda filled with things we all had to do so we got right to the first activity! The day flew by and I was actually very relieved. One of the main things we did, was meet with everyone in our majors and pick our classes. This was stressful but it was nice having the help of all my future professors! They did a very good job at making sure we were all selecting the right courses and knew all of our options. The next morning my parents arrived to pick me up and they could not wait to hear all of my stories! Me and the girl I stayed with for the night, exchanged numbers and stayed in touch all summer and are still friends now.

Although freshman orientation is very scary, it is so helpful for new students. You have the ability to meet tons of new people, explore the campus, and get a feel for what college is going to be like. Even though I was so nervous I am glad I stuck it out and went. I definitely had a lot of fun and it is really an advantage! Everyone at orientation is in the same boat as you, so you have the opportunity to get out of your comfort zone and we all need to do that sometimes!

Here is a link that talks more about what to expect at orientation!


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