Utilize Your Campus!

College Campus’ have so many wonderful things to offer! You are paying all of this money to attend the school, so you might as well make use of all the services around you in your free time! The main buildings I utilize on campus are, the dining hall, the Hub, and the library. My favorite is definitely the Hub. Inside the hub, there are many computers, printers, and tables and chairs to sit at! There is also the bookstore where you can pick up school clothing, books, or any other supplies you may need, Union Grille is in the Hub, Daily Paws, the basketball court, and the gym. I use almost all of the services in the hub. I go to the gym most days, and when I do not go to the gym, I go to Zumba.


The Hub has some great things and I recommend everyone should use it! I am actually sitting in the Hub right now typing this blog post! Some days, I go to the library. I do not go there as often as I come to the Hub, because the library is much farther from me; total opposite side of campus as my dorm. The library is nice if you are looking for a room to work on a group project, or just a silent place to study and get some work done.

The Dining Hall is where I eat most of my meals, but it is definitely not my favorite place to be honest. We have a nice dining hall, but I am just not a fan of the food. Some people love it, so I can not speak for everyone. I am very Italian, so at home my mom cooks every single night. Usually pasta or something along that line, but when she makes pasta she actually hand makes the spaghetti with a machine and we jar our own tomatoes every August so we never eat sauce from a can. Some people tell me I am spoiled with food at home, but I usually deny it!!

Utilizing what you have on campus is also a great way to get out and make some friends too. You can only benefit from it. Knowing your campus is also very helpful because you will be spending the next few years of your life there, if that is what you choose. I hope everyone get the chance to get out of their comfort zone, and see what their campus has to offer!


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