Staying Motivated

I don’t know about you, but every now and then I need that extra little bit of motivation to keep going. Some days, I have no problem waking up and going to class, but other days I am practically forcing myself to get out of bed. It’s taken me a long time to find ways to keep me motivated but here are some of mine!

  • look up motivational quotes
  • write down your goals and have them somewhere you can always see them
  • talk to your friends if you ever need a little push
  • reward yourself

In the ideas I shared above, the first one is my favorite. All day long I am scrolling through Pinterest looking up quotes about anything and everything. Being bombarded with school work is such a horrible feeling. Staying motivated is what will help you achieve your goals everyday! Whether it may be a new job, a sport, fitness, schoolwork, etc. you will not get anywhere with a negative attitude, and always feeling sluggish. You need to be healthy and positive.

Writing down your goals will help you because you will always be able to look at them, and this won’t allow you to forget about them or push them to the side. Every time you have a new goal write it down before you forget! Every goal is important no matter what it is!

When I am feeling sluggish or unmotivated, I text my best friend from home and let her know whats going on. She always helps me to get going. Lately, she has been telling me we have less than 2 months left, and I can do it. I am also transferring schools, so she tells me once I finish this semester I will be gone from this school and bettering myself!

Last but not least, reward yourself. We all deserve rewards every now and then. I always reward myself while studying. Sometimes, I will study for 15 minutes, and then give myself a snack break or go on my phone for a few minutes! Different things work for different people! Here is a link with more tips on staying motivated! Enjoy 🙂

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