What I’ve Learned So Far

Being a freshman in college is very intimidating for people, myself being one of them. You’re moving out of a home you have been living in your whole life, and this may be the first time you are on your own. At the beginning I was SO excited about moving out of my house and being on my own. I have always been an independent person so I imagined I would be fine. Well, I was very wrong..

I thought that being on my own would make me a happier person, and would make me socialize and meet new people. This year has made me realize how much I hate change and don’t adapt to it well. Meeting new people is hard for me because I am so shy but I thought my friends from home would come visit, or at least stay in touch with me. After I moved into school, no one bothered to send me a text to see how I was doing. Everyone was busy with their life, and adjusting to college. So, I thought I would keep my high school friends while in college, but I have learned that things happen and people get caught up with their new beginnings and forget about you.

As said before, you need to get out of your comfort zone in college. You will not make any friends if you stay locked up in your room all day. I only have a few friends here on campus, and I wish I had gone out of my comfort zone more first semester and made plenty of friends. Some people are okay with only having 1 or 2 friends, but sometimes I get bored and wish I had new people to hangout with. You need to get out there and go to events to make friends! It will be worth it in the long run.

Last but not least, my first year of college has taught me that when people say “I’m a broke college student,” they were not lying..Living at school has taken me away from my job at home so I have no means of making money here. You will be broke while at school, so I suggest you try and find a job if you can! I am always good with calling home to check in, but my parents do get sick of me asking them to transfer money into my account! LOL!


Key things to remember:

  • get out of your room
  • make friends
  • save up money
  • don’t be afraid to admit college is harder than you thought it would be
  • call home once in awhile

Here is a link to an article I have found that I really enjoyed read and could relate to 100%



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