Time For A Change

This year, has had a lot of ups and downs, and I definitely learned a lot from it. I thought I was going to love living away from home, but I hate it. I do not adjust to change well, even though I wish I did. I have to work on it. After a lot of thinking and debating, I have decided to transfer to Southern New Hampshire University for the fall. I have already put my deposit in, and I am now working with someone to set up my schedule. I am so excited for this to happen!

SNHU is only 15 minutes from my house, so I will be living at home again. Being able to live at home again, will give me the opportunity to work and go to school! I am excited to break out of my shell and meet new people. I truly believe I will “fit in” better at SNHU, than here. I am even taking a summer class, so I will get to know my way around campus and meet a few people before the fall!

My brother is graduating from SNHU next month, and he loved it there! He had such a great experience at SNHU. He tells me everyday how much I am going to like it there. My brother and I, are going to drive to SNHU soon, and he is going to show me around and show me where to park and all of that fun stuff! My parents are pretty excited about having me back at home, as much as they deny it! LOL!

I have less than a month of classes left here, and I am trying my hardest to keep it together and do the best I can in my classes! I just keep telling myself that in exactly one month I will already be moved back home and working at my favorite place! Some people love the college experience, and some people hate it. I am really glad I tried it out for a year though. I know if I did not, I would have always regretted it and wondered what it would be like! To anyone who if iffy about living at college, give it a shot! You have nothing to lose! 🙂

Here is a link that talks about dorm life vs. commuting! Enjoy!



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