Bring Some Life to your Dorm!

Dorm rooms are small and kinda gross. There’s no getting around that. They are far from nice and are worse than rooms people have at home. When I first moved into my dorm, I instantly hated it because it was so plain and looked like a jail cell. I knew I needed to decorate and make it feel more like home! I went on Pinterest and found some great ideas to decorate. People are into different things but I am a typical teenage girl. I put up a tapestry, just like every other girl in college. I had a “picture wall” which was my favorite. I had about 60 pictures that I wanted to hang up so I found a really cool design to make! I cut some pictures and wrote “Live Laugh Love” and put the remaining pictures around it.

Image may contain: 10 people, people smiling, indoor

I also hated that when I had people over they could just see my clothes in my closet so I hung up another tapestry like a curtain covering my closet. I wasn’t satisfied with my room yet, so I hung up some paintings on my walls near my desk and bought some cute desk decorations! I also bought a nice furry rug to put near my bed! I was starting to feel much more comfortable living there.

Living in a plain dorm cell may make you upset and miss home, just like it did for me. People are into all different things so decorate your dorm according to your likes! It will make you wanna be in there more. I also enjoy going to my friend’s rooms and seeing how they have their rooms decorated! It makes me happy. People have such creative ideas, it gives me inspiration for decorating in the future.

Some quick decorating tips are

  • lights
  • pictures
  • rugs
  • wall decals
  • posters
  • curtains
  • nick-knacks

The above link has more tips on cheap and easy ways to decorate your dorm!


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