Dorm Life

Before college I always had my own room at home. I never had any experience with having to share personal space with someone else. Going into college, I was extremely nervous for this. Luckily, I already knew my roommate ahead of time so it wasn’t going to be as bad..or so I thought. Move in day was crazy as ever, my family was with me helping me unload all of my stuff and put everything away. My roommate moved in the day before me, so she was not around at all the day I moved in.

Long story short, my roommate no longer lives with me and I lost a friend of 10 years, which is a bummer. So anyways, dorm life is so different than living at home. There are some great things about it, but there are also some really horrible things about it. After my short list of pros and cons, I included a link to a website that states the best and worst things about dorm life!

Some of the Pros

  • independence
  • freedom
  • meet tons of new people
  • always activities and fun things going on

Some of the Cons

  • small rooms
  • dirty/community bathrooms
  • neighbors being loud
  • food is not the best

Being able to have the “college experience” is awesome. Everyone should give it a shot. Some people love it, some people hate it but at least you get to try it out and see how it is. First semester I was absolutely miserable and wanted to transfer so bad but I changed my attitude and outlook on college and that was the best thing I could have done for myself. ¬†Living away from home has definitely helped me to become a more mature young lady, and to be more outgoing. I have always been the shy and quiet girl, but I had to learn to be outgoing so I could make friends. I have already met some people that I know will be my lifelong friends and I am so thankful for this experience!

Image may contain: indoor

This is just a picture of my side of my dorm room to show you guys! I’ve definitely hung up more pictures and stuff on my wall to make it a little more cozy!


Keeping Organized!

My one main survival tip for anyone in college, is to always stay organized. Whether it is clothes, homework, notebooks, your belongings, etc., make sure you have a specific “home” for everything. I promise you, this will alleviate so much extra stress from your life. At home, my bedroom is a mess so I was sure that when I got to college my room would be the same way. For about 2 days I could deal with the mess but then I started losing my mind so I knew I had to fix this. The first thing I did, was I went to Wal Mart and got bins, and extra stand-up drawers to put stuff in. After a few hours of organizing, and the occasional yelling, I was finally organized and off to a good start. My room still was not how I had hoped it would be, although it was definitely 10 times better, I looked up small tips and tricks to get organized. I found this article that had some really good ideas I used!

My dorm was now looking much better and I felt much more calm and happy. I did not realize that being organized would have such a great effect on my personal life but it did!

I immediately felt:

I suggest everyone get organized because I promise, it is worth taking the time to do because it has so many positive effects everyone deserves to feel!



Definitely a Rough Start…

It is a few weeks into second semester, and looking back a few months my first semester really did have a rough start. I was extremely homesick the whole semester while I was here, I never left my room which caused me to make a total of zero friends, and because I was so unhappy with everything, my grades fell and I know I could have done much better. It took me awhile to make some very necessary changes because I was just being so stubborn about wanting to transfer, but I am glad I did not.

Moving into college

August 26th, was the big day. I was anxious for months about this day because I had so many new adventures coming my way, but I also had to adjust from being away from home. I am  a very family-oriented person, so I am not used to being away from my family. I live with my older brother and sister, my parents, and my grandfather. I had the hardest time moving in but I eventually adjusted and got somewhat used to it. First semester was very rough for me though.